I would like to thank all the  guys who gladly  took my  pictures  over  the
hiking routes, cabanes  and summit tops which indeed have " hiked-up "  my
story line

Above all, thanks to my wonderful wife who "pillowed" her patience through
the summer with my 4 o'clock weekend escapades!  

All the hikes were day hikes and done solo over the weekends of August and
September, chronologically, as listed on the home page starting with Tour
Matterhorn and ending with Tour Boveire. Geneva was the starting point in
all the tours except for Tour Mettelhorn (Hornli hut) and Tour Blanche   

Valais map (posted on the home page) was taken from Valais tourism.

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Vijay Singh. You are welcome to
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non commercial use only (better they be
seen than sit in a computer!) provided that you properly give the credit to
me and include a link to my website.

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