Destination – Pointe de Boveire (3212m / 10,538ft)
Route – Liddes – Col de Mille - Col de Lâne - Pointe de Boveire
              Col de Lâne - La Coeur -Liddes
Time taken –  9hrs 30 min (including breaks)
Distance – 25 Km approx.
Altitude variation – 2962m ▲ / 2962m ▼          Map -
This hike should ideally be termed as a "maverick-hike"  with no definite summit in mind. Although when I
started from Liddes, summit of  Mont Rogneux (3084m) was the climbing target of the day, an ideal spot to
admire the beautiful Combins.
However, while approaching Col de Mille, I, apparently,  changed my direction towards Pointe de Boveire
(3212m) which was not only higher up but located few mountain blocks further demanding extra effort.

The path from Liddes gently sloped upwards through the forest which continued for an hour and half until it
joins the high alpine pastures at Erra d'en Haut.
On way to Erra, panoramic view of impressive range of
Swiss and French alps. From extreme left, Mont Dolent
(3820m),  Tour Noir (3836m), Aiguille d'Argentiere
(3901m), Aiguille du Chardonnet (3824m) and Aiguille du
Tour (3540m - extreme right behind).     
The summit of Pointe de Boveire is on the top extreme
left. Grand Combin, extreme back, is hidden in clouds.
In order to reach the summit of Pt. de Boveire, I had to leave the route towards Col de Mille and traverse two
mountain sections southwards which joined the path trailing from La Coeur. The path turned steeper with
every step leading to Col de Lâne (3033m).    
In the center behind the highland is Dents du Midi and
on the left is Tour Salliere.
From Col de Lâne, the trail descent sharply through
loose scree and traces of hard snow.
Once at the bottom of the Col, I had to carefully choose my path to climb the steep 400m of unmarked trail
packed with loose and uneven rocks.
The summit of Pt. de Boveire offered a close proximity
to the Combins.  
Frontal view of Combin de Boveire (3663m) along with
its galcier and on the extreme right behind is Mont Vélan.
The descent was slow and demanded an extra caution
until the bottom of Col followed by short but exhausting
climb to the top of Col de Lâne again. The descent
continued from the Col until I arrived at La Coeur.   
Looking back from La Coeur, a quick glimpse towards the
summit gave me
that ethereal satisfaction and fortified the little
maverick element in me!!