Destination – Oberrothorn (3415m / 11,204ft)
Route –   Edelweiss – Zermatt – Sunegga – Blauherd -
                  Rothorn –  Oberrothorn – Tuftern - Zermatt
Time taken – 8 hrs 30 min (including breaks)
Distance – 26 Km approx.
Altitude variation – 2769m ▲ / 3096m ▼  Map-
Briethorn basking in the early ideal
warm-up sight !
Very similar to Gornergrat, the hike began from Zermatt, after a quick descent from
Edelweiss, passed through the forest of easy gradient (a paved MTB trail for bikers) to
Tuftern followed by Sunegga.
The path was an ideal terrace offering
incredible views of Zermatt valley and
the Matterhorn beyond.
A quick detour from Sunegga to
Leisee for this wonderful reflection!
The smooth and gentle path gradually sloped upwards to Blauherd  (a cable car /
gondola junction for Rothorn) where I decided to take a steep zigzag trail strewn with
rocks and scree instead of the paved MTB trail circled along the slopes of Rothorn.
Although, a stiff 500m gradient climb,
 but once at the summit , it gave me  
the joy of scoring excessive!
Impressive Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze) at 4634m, from
Rothorn, is the highest mountain in Switzerland.
After few moments of rest , I set out for the final ascent of the day to Oberrothorn which
started with a gentle descent along the MTB trail.

Ironically, some hikers suggest Oberrothorn “an easy hike”…Alas, a quick cable car
jump to Rothorn indeed spoils the whole purpose!

After descending 120m or so the path finally took its upward trend which got steeper
after every 50-60m. Although strewn with pile of scree, it didn’t pose any difficulty in
going up and coming down. Moreover, I didn’t come across any soul crossing the trail at
any point but a few metallic posts emblazoned with spiritual messages.  
At the spiritual crossroads.....on my way to the summit ,  
Matterhorn looming in the background.
On the top of the was
indeed an “spiritual” uplift amidst the
characteristic silence of the peaks
Coming down was more or less like hop step and skid through the scree, came to
Zermatt via Tuftern and drove back home to Geneva.