Destination – Pointe d’Orny (3271m/10,731ft)
Route – Champex du Lac- La Breya - Cabane Orny - Cabane Trient -
                 Pointe d’Orny - La Breya- Champex du Lac
Time taken –  8hrs 30 min (including breaks)
Distance – 18 Km approx
Altitude variation – 2372m ▲ / 2373m ▼                 Map -
Hike to Pointe d’Orny was packed  with all the elements of a good hike – stiff trail, panoramic
terrace, glacial views and two cabanes on the route.

Unfortunately, heavy fog and light rain hampered any possiblity of panoramic views across the
valley. I, however, started off from Champex (the weather forecast predicted a fair afternoon)
towards my first destination – La Breya.

The trail from the word go  was a stiff walk traversing through a small patch of forest  leading to a
steep hill climb. After about an hour or so of tough negotiation, I arrived at La Breya (2194m), a
panoramic station cabled up with Champex via chairlift which, nevertheless, offered an option of  
“free vertical” from Champex itself!
This picture I took from Col de Mille while on Tour
Boveire. The trail ( marked in red ) gives an idea of
hike from La Breya (2194m) to Pointe d'Orny (3271m).
The path from the station, however ,gently
sloped circumventing along the mountain
which demanded extra caution due to heavy
fog and rain.The route eventually took a
gradient turn once I started traversing
Combin d’Orny leading to the first sight of
Glacier d’Orny and Cabane d’ Orny itself
perched on the rocks.
Crevassed Glacier d'Orny with La Portlet
(3344m) on the left covered under clouds.
After a quick tea break (it was cold and windy),
I headed for the last leg of my day’s hike. It
was a short rocky trail traversing through a
small glacier patch leading to Cabane Trient.
The rear view of cabane,on way to Pointe d'Orny.
The summit was located 100m
up behind the cabane, a   
careful climbing amidst light
The same trail was the best option to come down with a " knee- jerk "  descent from La Breya to
Shark's jaw! Aiguilles Dorées with Plateau du
Trient in the foreground from cabane.