Destination – Cabane Tracuit (3256m / 10,682ft)
Route – Zinal – Cabane Tracuit - Zinal
Time taken –  5hrs 30 min (including breaks)
Distance – 15.5 Km approx.
Altitude variation – 1735m ▲ / 1734m ▼  Map -
If Tour Matterhorn provided an introduction to the majestic side of the Swiss alps then
Tour Zinal, undoubtedly, offered a proximity to the Imperial Crown of the Swiss alps
composed of  Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Bishorn and Dent Blanche.
The hike, from the very start , turned
into a steep thoroughfare wending
through the forest and pastures  for
two hours until I reached the high
terrain (2700m) where the “sights &
sounds” of cows grazing the alpine
pastures was a welcome sight.The
high pastures split the trail in two
directions, one leading to a panoramic
cliff (on left behind the waterfall),
rightfully called, Roc de la Vache  
(Rock of the Cow) and other to my
day’s goal towards the cabane.
The above picturesque setting with Weisshorn (4506m) in
the background, was a perfect stopover before continuing
The route from high alpine terrain
turned into rock and scree along the
ridge of Diablon des Dames. Turning
back there were good views of Dent
Blanche (4357m) and Grand Cornier
Turning right, the magnificent peak of Zinalrothorn (4221m)
and the cascading Glacier de Moming took my attention until I
arrived at a narrow shaft fixed with rope beyond which the
cabane was located.
The views from the hut were rewarding with Bishorn resting so close that, for a moment, it
tempted me to climb its shiny peak ignoring the fact that it is 900m higher up and another
4000m. peak!
The impressive location of Cabane Tracuit along the
slopes of Turtmann glacier. Bishorn (4153m) on the  
left joined  along the ridge of  Weisshorn and  Tête
de Milon (3693m).    
Panoramic view of Zinal 4000. From left, Schalihorn (3974m),
Zinalrothorn (4221m), Ober Gabelhorn (4063m), Trifthorn
(3728m), Besso (3668m - in the foreground), Pointe de Zinal
(3789m), Dent Blanche (4357m) and Grand Cornier (3962m).
The descent was on the same route to Zinal followed by a exhausting drive to Geneva.